2001 Ride Report, Photos, and Results
Pass 1: Start to Beaumont

By Chuck Bramwell

The 1999 Ride Report gives an Insider's View of the Breathless Agony

I arrived at Sylvan Park at 5:30 and could tell that this would be an outstanding day of cycling with an absolutely beautiful and crisp morning. Riders began to arrive shortly thereafter and registered. Each rider was given a cool pair of socks and a large Santiago Cycling Water Bottle.

The first rider started at 6:15 ... this is a key to a successful Breathless Agony ride: you need to get an early start to beat the heat which can develop in the Canyons of the climbs to Oak Glen and up from the Mill Creek Ranger Station. Most riders had started by 6;45. However, if you are a fast rider, we encourage you not to start until after 7:00 or later so you don't arrive at the Rest Stops before we can open them up!!

I only remembered to take one photo at the start which is included in the next page of photos.

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