2003 Ride Report, Photos, and Results
Start to Beaumont

By Chuck Bramwell

The 1999 Ride Report gives an Insider's View of the Breathless Agony

Checkout these 18 Photos from Rest Stop 1 in Beaumont on May 10, 2003

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The riders came into Rest Stop 1 in Beaumont ready to tackle the Steepest Climb of the Day Ahead of them up to Oak Glen.

Peggy Sue Phillips, Livia Peraza, and Marion Pineda did a great job getting everything set up quickly in Beaumont. The riders arrived at this first Rest Stop in large groups so it took a lot of fast teamwork to make it all happen. Thanks Peggy Sue, Liv, and Marion!!

We appreciated the great turnout from the Bicycle Club of Irvine and the High Intensity Team in Training from San Diego who are looking great in their jerseys in these photos.

Love those Fig Newtons and Oreos on bike rides ... or are the Iced Mother's Cookies best?

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