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Breathless Agony 2005 Ride Report,
Photos, and Results
Start in Redlands

Checkout these 4 Photos from the Start by Steve Rider

Checkout these Photos by Eric Smith at Red Bike Photo

Checkout these 9 Photos from the Start by Chuck Bramwell

Everyone appearred to be well prepared both mentally and physically for a day of testing on the Toughest Century in Southern California.

Little did they know what would await them down the road!! :)

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I arrived at Sylvan Park at 5:30 and could tell that this would be an outstanding day of cycling. However, it was pretty cold with temps about 48 degrees. There was also a rainstorm that came through the area on Thursday night so everyone wanted to know what impact this would have on Jack Rabbit Trail? One rider reported that he drove his truck through Jack Rabbit the night before and it was fine except for the lake near the top where he had to use his 4 wheel drive!!??!! Sounded like this could be make Jack Rabbit Trail a little like Paris-Roubaix?? Heh, that's the unknown part of these adventures.

Riders began to arrive and we registered everyone as fast as we could. Thanks to Pete & Shelly Smith, Denise Cooper, Dr. Ron Koons for working the registration table and giving each rider a cool pair of Breathless Agony socks along with their Route Sheet for the tough ride to follow.

We don't recommend leaving before 6:00 because the First Rest Stop may not be open yet but it is important to get an good start to beat the heat which can develop in the Canyons of the climbs to Oak Glen and up from the Mill Creek Ranger Station. Most riders had started by 6:45. However, if you are a fast rider, we encourage you not to start until after 7:00 or later so you don't arrive at the Rest Stops before we can open them up!!

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