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Breathless Agony 2007 Ride Report,
Photos, and Results
Pass 1: Start to Beaumont

Rear Derailleur Adjustment

Rear Derailleur Adjustment by Da Bossman after Jack Rabbit Trail Adventure

Major Food

Lots of Goodies at Rest Stop 1 in Beaumont

Top Off

The Top Off

Checkout these 39 Photos from Rest Stop 1 in Beaumont by Chuck Bramwell

Checkout these 5 Photos from Rest Stop 1 in Beaumont by Mike Sullivan

Checkout these 14 Photos from Rest Stop 1 in Beaumont by Saveria Tilden

Checkout this cool Time Lapse Movie of the Start to Rest Stop 1 by Craig Sparks
Craig mounted a high definition camera to his handle bars and carried it with him on his Breathless Agony adventure!! He created these fun movies which show the course on Fast Forward with some Fast Music in the background. Thanks for sharing your great work, Craig.

Only small thumbnail photos are first displayed so it doesn't take long.

Click on any of the small thumbnails to bring up the medium size version.

Click on the medium size version to bring up the large size version.

These photos are not copy protected ... so you are free to right click and download them to your hard drive ... and that even includes the large size version!! Another neat deal with the Breathless Agony!!

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The riders came into Rest Stop 1 in Beaumont ready to tackle the Steepest Climb of the Day Ahead of them up to Oak Glen.

We appreciate all the help we had at Rest Stop 1 here. The riders arrived at this first Rest Stop in large groups so it took a lot of fast teamwork to make it all happen. The Rest Stop 1 Team consisted of Lauren Bendon, Sandy Bendon, Steve Brown, Robin Gardner, Deanna Hare, Ken Isaak, Patricia Leung, Jason Mumper, Julie Robertson, Tony Rodriguez, Mike Sullivan, Spike Summers, Saveria Tilden, and Ivan Tovar. Thanks to all!!

The following folks helped with Roving SAG: Frank Neal and Mike Rathwell both of whom worked the event start to finish helping so many riders work through all kinds of problems.

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