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Breathless Agony 2007 Ride Report,
Photos, and Results
Pass 2: Beaumont to Oak Glen

Skies Open Up

The skies opened up near the top of the Oak Glen Climb

Nice Orange Breathless Agony Jersey

Bruce Campbell looks good in his 2006 Breathless Agony Jersey

Wade Baker looking good

Wade Baker nearly ran over the Grim Reaper on his way to 2nd Place!!

Hoopes are having too much fun

Dan and Bri Hoopes and Hunt Udall are having too much fun here.
The Hoopes set a new course record on their Tandem!!

Brian Bowling looking sharp

Brian Bowling wears his King of the Mountains Jersey very well

The Jones motor up the climb

Greg and Lisa Jones motor right up the steep Oak Glen climb on their tandem

Collen Montoya flying up the climb

Colleen Montoya flies up the Oak Glen Climb on her way to
1st Place in the Women's Division!!

Mark Weidinger and Ursula Callahan climb Oak Glen on their tandem

Mark Weidinger and Ursula Callahan make the Oak Glen climb look easy
on their tandem!!

Martin Ward is one smooth rider

Martin Ward smoothly climbs Oak Glen right past the Grim Reaper

Checkout these 407 Photos from the Climb to Oak Glen by Chuck Bramwell

Checkout this cool Time Lapse Movie of Rest Stop 1 to Rest Stop 3 by Craig Sparks
Craig mounted a high definition camera to his handle bars and carried it with him on his Breathless Agony adventure!! He created these fun movies which show the course on Fast Forward with some Fast Music in the background. Thanks for sharing your great work, Craig.

These photos are not copy protected ... so you are free to right click and download them to your hard drive ... and that even includes the large size version!! Another neat deal with the Breathless Agony!!

How hard is this climb? It's BRUTALLY STEEP.
For Engineers, we recommend studying the Engineering Analysis.

While suffering through the steepest part of nearly 12% grades, these riders saw the Grim Reaper who greeted them while dancing to Billy Idol's "White Wedding" and some great tunes by Bachman Turner Overdrive as they were "Taking Care of Business" ... or was it only in their imagination?

Rest Stop 2 was made possible thanks to the hard work of Francoise Durant, George Hayter, Jeff Hindman, Marissa Hindman, Kerin Huber, Bill Hughes, Pat Kapp, Jason Mumper, Gisela Paolinetta, Cheri Scherr, and Robyn Stein. . Thanks so much for helping us out!!

Thanks to our SAG Drivers who were seen all over the course all day: Frank Neal and Mike Rathwell both of whom worked the event start to finish helping so many riders work through all kinds of problems.

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