Comprehensive Cycling Training, Coaching and Bike Fit
Comprehensive Cycling Training, Coaching and Bike Fit
Comprehensive Cycling Training, Coaching and Bike Fit
2013 Breathless Agony Worker's Ride on 4/20/13

Photos and Videos by Chuck Bramwell, California Triple Crown Guy

Looking good at the Start
We had a great group of 9 guys starting from Sylvan Park at 7:30am. There was another group of 4 guys who started an hour before.
We all saw the Grim Reaper at some point of the challenge on some endless and very steep roads!!

We had a great paceline out through Redlands and here on Redlands Boulevard.
Where the Streets Have No Name
One of the very few pieces of flat pavement on the course ... Where The Streets Have No Name.

Nice mattress on Jack Rabbit Trail
Ride organizers have spared no expense in bringing some mattresses to Jack Rabbit Trail in case you need a nap on the first climb.

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California Poppies were in full bloom on the steep climb up to Oak Glen.

Steep climb
The road just goes up and up to Oak Glen.

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The endless road
Damnation Alley goes on forever.

Temperature Graph

The heater really came on in Damnation Alley with a lot of 95-97.

I thought I was going to be in Damnation Alley forever.

But after the Forest Falls turn, there was lots of wide open road and lots of Blue Skies.

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Barton Flats is an extremely interesting and fun place to ride a bike.

I have ridden the Breathless Agony for 15 out of the 17 years. I never get tired of riding through this area.

Barton Flats isn't flat.

The area near Jenks Lake Road is beautiful.

Camp Tahquitz is a welcome sight.

Flying down some "Sharp Curves and Steep Grade".

The climbs after Barton Flats are endless and steep!!

Lots of blue skies here.
Steep climb
I didn't think I was EVER going to see this sign.

The Feet
It was so good to be at 8,443 Feet at Onyx Summit.

Mike Tillman rode great and flew up to Onyx Summit.

This is one of my most favorite signs anywhere.

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Of the 13 riders who started the 2013 Breathless Agony Worker's Ride, 4 completed all 4 Passes.
The heat in Damnation Alley and the Grim Reaper took it's toll on the peloton.

Flying down from Onyx Summit is fast and fun.

Flying down from Angelus Oaks is a blast!!

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