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Route Profile, 1997 Photo, and Motivational Remarks

You choose the distance and climbing -- this course has something for everyone:

Breathless Agony Route Profile showing all of those great downhills!!

The first guys to Onyx on the First Breathless Agony This photo was taken May 4, 1997 on the First Breathless Agony Ride.

From left to right are Scott Duncan, Chuck Bramwell, Greg Somerville, and Robert Kahler.

The only way that Chuck made it for this photo was that he started at 7:23 A.M., earlier than the other guys -- he needed all the help he could get. He was passed by Scott, Robert, and Greg on the way to Angelus Oaks. Also, the other guys waited for him to get to Onyx for the photo which was taken at about 1:50 P.M.

Peter Kinman arrived at Onyx Summit a few minutes later after Scott, Greg, and Robert had left for the awesome 42 Mile Downhill back to Sylvan Park. Later, Peter and Chuck had a blast on their way back down the mountain.

Temperatures on that day were very warm -- but in 1998, it was so cold that many of us were shivering at Angelus Oaks!! Be prepared for any kind of weather!!

At the end of the ABC Coverage of the 1989 Tour de France, Greg Le Mond lifts his 5 year old son up to the Winner's Block as the announcer says:

Comebacks are always a part of the fascination with sports
From so far down, to so high up
How does it happen?

Like so many things, it begins with the most simple belief
The one you must have in yourself
That must be translated into results by dedication
The knowledge that dedication which feeds on belief can make it so

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