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Breathless Agony Testimonials
We are truly grateful for the feedback we have received
on this extremely difficult bike ride

Please e-mail your Testimonial to Chuck Bramwell at

"Thanks for the wonderful ride. Great decision to reroute due to the wet weather! It was still a tough challenge. Loved the signs on Jack Rabbit Pass. The staff and food at the rest stops were wonderful, especially the muffins at the first rest stop and the sweets coming back. The grim reaper certainly put a smile on the riders faces while we were agonizing up a long cold wet climb!"

Kris Yost, 2016

"To the Breathless Agony team, I want to thank you for doing such a fantastic job putting on this event. The last minute route change was frustrating, but it was a good decision given the weather situation in the mountains. And despite the last minute change, the “Plan B” route lived up to the BA reputation and it all went off like it had been planned for months. The check-in, the rest stops, the additional water stops all were well staffed and easy to check in, restock and get going again. All the volunteers along the route and the Grim Reaper were helpful, cheerful and encouraging – you made us feel like we could succeed and that you wanted us to succeed.

Thanks again!"

Jim Norman, 2016

"Awesome event! Love BA (my 2nd)! I wasn't prepared this year (not enough miles or elevation in my training) so it hurt quite a bit. but despite the challenging weather we had a blast.

Very glad the course was adjusted; saw a pic on Instagram of Onyx--complete with snow on the ground.

Fab organization and support.

Thanks to all!!"

Luc Merredew, 2016

"It's a fun event, very well organized, a huge party atmosphere in spite of all the climbing. "

Rick Burneson, 2016

"Thank you (and all your BA co-workers) so very much for another fantastic Breathless Agony! You all deserve an additional special gold star for dealing with the weather and subsequent re-route without skipping a beat (slowing your cadence?). "

Carl Ebeling, 2016

"We'll be back next year for sure. I've ridden the Markleeville Death Ride many times. I actually enjoyed this ride so much more. "

Frank Povich, 2016

"Thank you for putting forth a great event. All of the volunteers were wonderful. And a special thanks to the gentleman on Jackrabbit Trail! His assistance to riders at the "pond' was much appreciated. Although the weather could have been better, I'm glad my wife and I made the trip from the Phoenix area. Our first trip to the area was for the Tour of Big Bear last August. We'll certainly be returning to the area to do some quality biking. "

Bill Joy, 2016

"Toughest thing I've ever done. I loved it! Thanks for organizing such a great ride. "

Ron Little, 2015

"Really well organized and supported ride! Loved Jackrabbit Trail, the signs everywhere, the music (for once some real rock 'n' roll) and the bacon at Angeles Oaks!

Great people, great organizers and wonderful volunteers made for an epic day!"

Alfred Christensen, 2015

"Terry and I, along with Rogelio Ramos, Zika Zivkovik, Mike McLaughlin and some others, have done this incredibly challenging ride a number of times and it is always so wonderfully supported: from registration in the a.m. with helmet sticker, route sheet, and ride memento handouts, to the well-stocked and wonderfully supported sag stops with dedicated volunteers that offer their services year after year, sag vehicle support, to the Breathless Agony mascot, Grimm (the Grim Reaper), who greets you at the second climb, Oak Glen, and at Onyx Summit, where the clock stops at mile 74.

The route itself is amazingly scenic with it’s awesome climbs, and upon some food and rest at the top, with maybe a pic or two with Grimm at the Onyx Summit sign, you will enjoy the 40 MILE DESCENT back to the start of the ride, with a great meal awaiting you, the camaraderie of fellow riders, and the ability to purchase tee shirts and jerseys if desired."

Michael Pelkey, 2015

"I’m sure you guys have received many kudos for this year’s BA, all well-deserved. I just want to comment that the post-ride meal was possibly the best I’ve ever had on such an occasion."

Chris Paine, 2015

"Big thank you to the organizers and the volunteers. Rest stops are fantastic.

Thanks for all of your help and encouragement along the way.

It takes a lot of preparation and work to organize and support a ride as nice as this one."

Allen Hwang, 2015

"You folks put on a first class event.

The friendly-helpful volunteers, stocked Aid Stations, interesting route(challenging ups with glorious downs)…and of course The Grim Reaper….oh, and bacon.

Hopefully I can do it again (better) next year…Thanks, Rick "

Rick Blomquist, 2015

"Longer day than we wanted but an awesome day on the bike with my wife.

Thank you, you guys did an awesome job again this year!!!"

Mike and Laura Morris, 2015


Thank you thank you thank you!"

Michael Pelkey, 2015

"Thanks for a thrilling year and the most enduring ride of my life. Robert, I apologize for my lack of wordsmithing yesterday in my abilities to describe the ride. There are still no words to describe yesterday… My ride started out great, a couple of mechanicals, terrorizing roads, and Jack Rabbit Trail. The volunteers (Brice, bike God) kept me going with words of encouragement and ICE! Oak Glen has been completely blocked from my memory. Damnation alley was only 102 at the bottom, 99 at the top. Onyx Summit was a grueling climb.

Strava is still computing my suffer score and added a new feature; a sanity score. But, quitting is never an option."

Jeff Taylor, 2015

"This was definitely one of the best supported rides with really nice volunteers we have been on even though we missed a lot of it."

Yvonne Peirtsegaele, 2015

"Thanks for putting on such a great ride. It was AMAZING."

Herb Durbin, 2015

"The Breathless Agony was a joy. The aid station personnel were responsive and encouraging. The riders were positive and had a selfless attitude throughout the day."

Joel Wiggins, 2015


The Boyz with the ice at the end of Damnation Alley we all thought were sent directly from God!!!!!

All the support and stations were amazing! You guys put on a total class act and taking care of us with the heat -- you ROCKED IT!!!

Thank you from all of us at THE PASADENA TRI CLUB!!!!"

Lynda Neuman, 2014

"Thnx to all involved!! Awesome support."

Chris Bergstrom, 2014

"First I want to tell you what a well-organized and energetic volunteered event. I really appreciated the extra water between rest stops because I was running out of water each time. It is nice to participate in a ride where the folks running it know what is needed and get it handled."

Tom Hatcher, 2014

"Just wanted to say Thanks for yet another great ride. Everyone associated with this event does an amazing job of taking care of all the riders. I want to especially thank Eleazar of Santiago Cyclery for replacing my busted rear derailleur cable at Mill Creek and getting me back on the road. Chapeau!"

Kathy Day, 2014

"Want to say thanks to Robert, at Angeles Oaks he gave me encouragement to make it to Onyx Summit saying plenty of time at 12:40 PM, along with a good description of the last 19 miles. This was my first organized century completed in about 8 1/2 hours with about 1 1/2 hours of breaks at the rest stops. I’ve ridden 100 miles once on my own recently (only 4000 ft of climbing) and on a bike tour almost 15 years ago. With out Robert I don’t think I would have finished all 4 passes on a blistering day."

Jim Socha, 2014

"Once again you put on a great ride with all the great support staff. It really makes it fun and a reason to come back. And of course there is the challenge of completing the ride again!!! Thank you all!!"

James Foley, 2014

"Thanks for another great ride this year. It was, as always, truly breathless and agonizing."

Chad Fischer, 2014

"AWESOME job by the organizers and volunteers.
The extra water and ice was perfect.

Thanks for everything ... Bacon, fun signs, Mt Dew .... Grim reaper ...
Lived up to it's name.

Everything was so well done. Thanks a million."

Ron Downing, 2014

"I wanted to express my appreciation for a fun challenging venue.

Unfortunately, I tackled two passes only due to breathing issues but it was worth it.

Start to finish-you kept riders updated, well organized, well supported & nice fanfare post ride. It meant a lot to me to have cyclists especially the racers offering words of encouragement on the passes. This was the most vocal support compared to my DR, Alta, doubles events of past. Northern Cal can take lessons from you.

Hope our paths cross again.."

Susie Bump, 2014

"I just wanted to send a quick message of thanks for putting on such a great event. It was my first time doing Breathless Agony (and my first century) and I probably couldn't have picked a worst year with the unbearable heat.

I flatted twice and seized up with cramps twice where I doubled over onto the side of the road... and in all 4 occasions, a SAG vehicle was next to me within a minute either picking me up, stretching me out, or helping me fix my bike. That really speaks to the quality of people you have helping as well as the AMOUNT of help you had. I got to Onyx at about 3:20, so there was no way I would have finished without your team's help, so I sincerely thank you.

I don't know if I'd ever put myself through this again, but thanks for making 2014 an amazing experience."

Casey Teng, 2014

"Thank you for posting the results. Great ride and appreciate the ice stops between standard rest stops. Those alone were more helpful than anything else based on the heat. Plus, it was always staffed with a very helpful and cheerful woman who made you file like a pro."

Frank Roca, 2014

"This Breathless Agony is truly one of the more memorable rides out there and everyone does a great job in making it all possible for the riders.

Thanks for all your efforts!"

Paul Maurin, 2014

"It was a great event, I felt supported the entire ride. You all did a great job- thank you so much."

Trish Mayo, 2014

"Awesome event and a great job. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting on a very well supported and organized event. I also want to say that it is awesome and inspiring to see that 7 of the top ten finisher are 50 years old and up. Great job!!!!"

Guy Dutton, 2014

"I enjoyed the bacon and ended up extended my stay to recuperate before enjoying the final climb. Thanks for a great day. You and all of the volunteers do a great job in supporting a very difficult ride."

Scott Campbell, 2014

"Thanks Chuck. I've been singing the praises of Breathless Agony to all my coworkers, friends and family. I've done endurance sports since 1987 including approximately 35 triathlons and 10 half marathons , two full marathons including the Catalina marathon. NOTHING compared with Breathless Agony. It was on my bucket list."

Herb Morin, 2014

"Thanks again Chuck for this outstanding event. I know the countless hours it takes to pull these off, you and all the volunteers are greatly appreciated. See everyone next year."

Phil Larson, 2014

"It’s a hell of a ride, very tough. It’s well organized, I like the arrows on turns, otherwise I get lost….it happens all the time. See you next year."

Robert Garro, 2014

"I had an awesome time, that ride was a beast!"

Andrew Hunter, 2014

"Thank you again for the torture, the spectacular scenery, the great ride support, and the fun with the Grim Reaper!!"

Wendy Watson, 2014

"Thank you for helping to put on such a wonderful ride. I had an incredible experience and will definitely be back next year!

Beautiful scenery and nice people! "

Stephan Gratziani, 2014

"The volunteers were simply amazing! What a well organized ride - thanks to all (but next year, can you turn down the heat?)"

Daniel Cipriani, 2014

"Thanks to yourself and all the volunteers for putting on such a great event last weekend."

Ian Macfarlane, 2014

"This was my first time riding in the event and although it was extremely painful, it was by far one of my favorite events that ridden in so far. Hoping I can be in shape next spring to ride in it again."

Jimmy Bartlebaugh, 2014

"I enjoyed your event very much, it’s a hard one for sure.

All of your volunteers were awesome and made things smooth and an incredible experience."

Jim Armstrong, 2013

"I also want to thank you guys for a great century. My buddy and I drove down from the Central Valley which is about 5 hours. We got rear ended on freeway 210 and still manage to keep are bikes from being totaled. You and your staff made even that accident worth the trip down there. I have never been to a century that i enjoyed my self so much. I hope to do it again next year. Thanks again and Great Job !!!!"

Darrell Compelube, 2013

"I am writing you to thank you for the unbelievable experience I had at this year's 2013 Breathless Agony. I am a first time 4 pass finisher! 8:05 was my ride time. Two years ago I did two passes. Last year I was injured.

I really don't even know where to start. Everything was over the top in the way of service and support from all of your incredible teams. From the moment I checked in at 5:50am (I learned to start earlier this year!) to Jill getting me decked out in my new jersey, arm warmers and vest, I was in heaven. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the cycling community that participated in this event.

I was able to help a fellow cyclist. With 5 miles to go to the top of Onyx Summit, I noticed a cyclist sitting and resting on a guard rail not looking too good. He was fatigued, had thrown up twice, and while I was with him, passed out falling backwards over the guard rail, fortunately up a slight hill. Another cyclist and I were able to wave down a SUV and got help from the last SAG water station who brought the cyclist to the top to recover. It was scary for me to see a guy pass out right in front of me and fall behind a guard rail where he may not have been seen from the road! This was a good ending to a scary moment.

I have never seen a friendlier group of cyclists at this event. Even the fast guys going by me would say, "nice work", as they smoked up the hill. My favorite part was all of it!! Please pass along a thank you and great job to all of your amazing support teams that make an event like this one possible."

Tony Domenico, 2013

"Just wanted to say thank you again for a great day and an awesome ride/"race". I gave it my best on the climbs and hope to beat my new woman's PR next year."

Athena Countouriotis, 2013

"This was a wonderful event with great organization, fabulous volunteers, and a wicked sense of humor; I had a good laugh at the bacon signs out on the climbs."

Rachel Ragona, 2013

"I want to compliment you on your Century, it was first class. It was my fifth century but my first Breathless Agony and I'm looking forward to riding it again next year…and beating my time. :)"

Brian Mueller, 2013

"Breathless is truly the most difficult, yet rewarding ride ever!!!"

Char Yarnall, 2013

"Thank you so much! This was an amazing event. I have been on the bike for a year and this is my first attempt at the KOM Challenge. Awesome rides. I won’t forget that climb up to Onyx ever. Looking forward to next year, and getting faster!!
Again, great event. Thank you for all of your hard work!"

Meredith Zohar, 2013

"Thank you for running such a wonderful ride; great course, generous support, and just a great sense of humor. I greatly appreciated the tailwind you arranged for the ride and the strawberries at the top were the bomb."

Judy Brusslan, 2013

"Truly thanks for the spectacular ride. This is my 3rd year riding the KOM and Breathless challenges you personally, physically, spiritually like no other!

Your volunteers were just the best! My wife, who also did Breathless for the first time just had the nicest things to say about the volunteers. Here is a race report that she did that you might find hilarious:

Your volunteers made a super tough course bearable! Thanks again."

Michael Higgins, 2013

"FANTASTIC RIDE!!! This is my second time at Breathless and I just want to say how wonderful and friendly the entire support team is.

This ride also seems to draw the nicest group of cyclists.

The word Breathless took on a different meaning for me this year--the views, the flowers and foilage, and the weather--simply breathless.

Love the mayor of Jack Rabbit--kudos for helping to make that climb a lot safer!!"

Joan Delasaux, 2012

"This was the forth or fifth time I have done this ride and it never gets easier but it gets better every year. Your support team is awesome and you are all to be commended for the huge effort. The atmosphere is what makes it great from the signs on Jack Rabbit to the bacon and the beautiful ride. Thanks for the big effort."

Jamie Foley, 2012

"I wanted to express my appreciation to you for all the hard work you did to again make Breathless Agony a epic ride. The support of volunteers and their enthusiasm really makes a challenging ride more palatable.

I particularly liked the signs on Jack Rabbit trail. However I needed that humor about five miles before Onyx as my tank was a little low there.

Robert, your training and Kahler Cycling Academy was the ticket to any success that I might have had.

Don Ropele, 2012

""Killer" ride!

It was a great day for us!

"Damnation Alley" had to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the privilege to ride through.


Alan Tolkoff, 2012

"I want to thank you once again for an awesomely supported ride!

Oh, boy, wasn't the weather just perfect?!

A beautifully breathlessly agonizing incredible ride!

See you all next year."

Michael Pelkey, 2012

"I do want to say the ride was fantastically breathless, the scenery, the support at the rest stations and the efficiency of the whole staff. Great event and I hope to have more riders from my area, San Diego to participate next year. This year we had a total of eight of which four were first timers like myself and only one first timer did not finish."

Stuart Edleson, 2012

"I want to thank you for putting on a great, well organized event. I had heard over the years that it was a great event.

From ALL the volunteers, the food and the organization. Just awesome! A big thumbs up."

Bill Ralph, 2012

"You guys put on a great ride saturday. Thanks for a job well done."

Tom Lauderdale, 2012

"Magnificent ride, superb support. ¡Muchísimas gracias por todo!"

Kevin Nicholas, 2012

"Thanks, once again, for putting on the best century ride ever! Chris and I indeed gave it full gas all the way up Onyx. Next year we'll rock it even more!!!"

Colleen Montoya, 2012

"I did the Breathless ride yesterday for the first time. I wanted to thank and commend you and your team for the amazing support & organization. It must be a logistical nightmare! I was very impressed."

Steve Main, 2012

"Loved everything about the ride even the hard packed dirt!"

Rhonda Litt, 2012

"The strawberries never tasted better. I was so happy when I got to Onyx, first thing I went for was the strawberries, right before my icy cold Coke.

Best support, Best food all around and the staff is TOTALLY AWESOME.

Thanks again for a great ride. Love this year's jersey also."

Lan Tran, 2012

"As my buddies and I finished the ride and were dining at the park, we were swearing up and down that we'd never do it again (because it was so hard). That was about 3,500 feet of climbing more than I'd ever done before. By the following Wednesday, we were talking about planning on doing it again next year!


The volunteers were fabulous......we loved the signs on Jack Rabbit Trail. Damnation Alley was "breathtakingly" beautiful."

Alan Tolkoff, 2012

"Amazing ride and amazing volunteers! It could have been the lack of oxygen, but everyone seemed so cheerful and supportive it was easy(!) to hop back on the saddle and feel motivated to climb! Looking forward to next year already!"

Jason Laurence, 2012

"I want to thank the unknown SAG person who stopped to help me. I hit a pot hole coming down and I hit so hard I thought I broke the wheel. My water bottles flew out. I was OK but the tube & tire were ruined. He gave me a tire, we got me going and I was fine to the finish.

I would just like to thank the volunteers for being there when we need them. "

Gary Kanaby, 2012

"Thank you for putting on a great event. The staff/volunteers were excellent, aids stations were 1st class and the food on top and especially at the finish in the park were delicious and plentiful.

The dreaded Jack Rabit trail and the hardpack dirt construction road, were actually not bad and added something special to the course. Actually very fun! I really enjoyed the whole ride experience and challenge."

Rick Bienias, 2012

"I cannot say enough about how much YOU and this ride means to me, and also cannot say enough great things about all of the wonderful help and support of ALL the people and volunteers that put so much into making this ride as Amazing and Agonizing as it is!!! This is by far one of my most Favorite rides, EVER!!!"

Lori Goldman, 2012

"This is an amazing ride that you guys organize year in, year out; the sag is outstanding, the course is second only to "climb to Kaiser" (not really Southern California so it doesn't affect your "top dog" status :-) and the lunch after the ride could not be better! No wonder BA sells out every time.

Thanks for putting on what is always the best ride in Southern California!"

Andrew Green, 7 Time Breathless Agony Rider, 2012

"BA was my toughest day on a bike ever but also the most satisfying at the end. We really had to work to make rest stop three and that last 20 miles to the top were rough. But we did it!

And are already talking about next year.

Thanks again! Love the socks…"

Grant Hosford, 2012

"I am very happy with the ride, and thanks again for your hard work and those of the volunteers- they were so helpful and positive. It helped make a hard ride fun."

Nicola Broadbent, 2012

"GREAT RIDE!! The SAG and rest stops were the best I’ve seen on this ride. Your volunteers were great, helpful, friendly and made the ride what it was; a great day in the saddle.

You still need to work on getting some of the slope out of those climbs but I’m sure you’re working on it as we speak.

A few trees or strategically placed digital billboards showing anything that will take your mind off that mind numbing climb up Damnation Alley would be greatly appreciated as well.

Also the bacon issue; I was too late to get any so how about setting a few slices aside for the really slow guys.

Thanks for a great day."

Dale Webster (Goodrich Cyclepaths) , 2012

"I just want to say thank you for another challenging opportunity. I know you and all of your volunteers do a lot of work in the preparation and execution of this ride and I appreciate how well it's organized and run.

This year was my fourth time doing the ride and it never gets any easier, for sure!!!

Kudos to you and your staff!!!"

Timothy Woken, 2012

"It sure was a beautiful & memorable day, and a fun event.

I'll definitely be back next year!"

Chris Adams, 2012

"The good humored signage and the rest stop volunteers were appreciated.

My wife especially liked the socks that add 1.45 mph to your ride!"

Russell East, 2012

"What can I say? This event is the best supported ride I have ever done! Nothing compares. Very well organized and the volunteers were amazing. Very enthusiastic.

I asked a group of athletes that I coach to join me for this ride. This was the first time for all of us. There were 8 of us total and every single one of us had the same positive impression of the ride. We are all coming back next year for sure.

You do an amazing job with this ride. Keep up the great work!!!!"

Joby Gutierrez, Head Coach,, 2011

"Thanks for another wonderful, well run event. I wanted you to know that, without exception, the volunteer crew you assembled was top notch. Thank goodness we got the weather we did, as Sunday on the mountain was not pleasant!"

Brian Hickok, 2011

"A hearty thank you for an amazing ride. First time I'd ever done it, and surely won't be the last."

Andrew Beavis, 2011

"I loved the event, and the rest stops were excellent."

Chris Therrien, 2011

"It was a great ride. You, Robert and Jill provide the best support and volunteers. The volunteers are so encouraging and energetic - it really makes a difference when you are dragging into a rest stop. It is a first class ride."

Michelle Markus, 2011

"What a great job your organization did today. Thank you very much."

John Platero, 2011

"I had an awesome first experience with your Breathless Agony. Great weather, beautiful scenery and the support team met every expectation. You guys do a great job of getting us up to the Top safely. Although the Jack Rabbit Trail was pretty much of a surprise…glad to get through that one upright!! Thanks for the well needed meal at the end of a fabulously fast descent."

KC Kahn, 2011

"You and your volunteers really put on a great event and I hope you find it rewarding. I really appreciate the energy and enthusiasm shown by one and all. Bravo. "

Thomas Barron, 2011

"Just a short note to say "THANK YOU!" for putting on such a fantastic event. And, "THANK YOU!" to all volunteers.
This was my first time at BA, and I can see why it sells out so fast.
The route is excellent. I especially love the variety of the climbs.
Jack Rabbit Trail was a blast.
The rest stops are well spaced and staffed with lots of very friendly folks and plenty of goodies. (Two big thumbs up for the MTN DEW!!!) The burrito after affair was also quite yummy.
I'm now officially ELEVATED!"

Brook Henderson, 2011

"Thanks again for putting on another fantastic event. Thanks especially for ordering great weather and even better volunteers!."

Joel Sothern, 2011

"Thank you for a wonderful breathless agony ride. My fitness and back was not where it should be this year but your team made one of the hardest rides I've ever done, one of the most enjoyable."

JJ Lopez, 2011

"Thanks for a great ride this year-the weather was fantastic and the support superb as always."

Christopher Dean, 2011

"BA was a great ride, it was my first time doing it and it was really fantastic. I wish I had gone faster so I could have earned some bacon."

Anthony Scozzari, 2011

"The ride was amazing! Thank you!"

Terry Crocker, 2011

"Let me start with saying what a wonderful time we had at "Breathless " this year! Everything was great, food, volunteers, entertaining signage, you thought of everything!"

Carol Lynn Neal, 2011

"Please pass on my compliments to all of the folks at Breathless Agony. It was another great, painful ride. Great weather, terrific volunteers, and of course, the monumental climbing.!"

Randy Wilcox, 2010

"Thanks again to you and all the volunteers for all the work in putting this ride together.

Along with challenge associated with the miles and feet of climbing, the Jack Rabbit trail makes this one of the most unique and fun centuries around!

And saved me thousands of $ to appreciate what riding the Hell of the North is like!

Hope to see you again next year!"

Phil Barroca, 2010

"It was a great day in the mountains above Redlands and one of the best supported rides I have ever ridden. So a big way to go to all the volunteers."

Russell McCrary, 2010

"Outstanding event this year.. I was extremely impressed with the coordination and support throughout the ride. The after party was great as well. Love the new long sleeve T’s!!.. I completed the King of the Mountains series in 07’ so this was my second time doing breathless.. Great event, thanks again,"

Michael Abel, 2010

"I want to thank you for accommodating me and getting me on the ride. I also want to congratulate you and pulling off a great ride. I always fell well supported, but the people that were doing the volunteering were absolutely the best and added a special touch.

Nicely done.

Thanks again,"

Jim Sproull from Seattle WA, 2010

"Just wanted to say thanks again for putting on another great ride. You guys are the best and with your enthusiasm, make a hard painful ride a lot of fun.


Don Eklund, 2010

"What a fantastic and grueling ride. I love you guys!

See you next year."

Felix Villalobos, 2010

"Incredible event, incredible weather, good time by all,"

Larry Price, 2010

"As usual - the best ride of the year.

Thank you!!!

Love to sit and talk with friends at the BBQ."

Steve Catena, 2010

"Thanks for putting on such a great and Agonizing event and I look forward to coming back again!!"

Lori Goldman, 2010

"Thanks for a great ride and excellent staffing. My husband Gary and daughter Brittany had a fun day helping, expecially at the top where Brittany got to hand out medals and hugs. They were impressed by how much planning is involved and the level of organization it takes to make the ride both safe and FUN!

See you back for more of this silliness next year. Hopefully the circumstances of my life will allow me to train a little for next time.

Thanks Again for everything."

Mary Gaastra and the Gaastra family, 2010

"First timer, finished the 4 pass struggling but did it.

Wanted to thank you, and your crew of volunteers for the constant words of encouragement along the way.

All the staff was helpful, gracious, and more than once I was asked if I had everything I needed.

Thank you for a wonderful event, and I will be back, this time in better shape :)"
Luc Nucolai, 2010

"We had a great ride!!! Our throats were as tired as our legs; we talked to everyone that passed us or we passed.

The words of encouragement and support drove us up that hill; one young man even pushed us, twice!

Many thanks to you and your support staff, one of the finest rides I have ever done!"
Deby Kellogg & Joanne Rosenthal, 2009

"This ride is a benchmark for all other rides – starting with the course (of course), the SAG, the volunteers, the communications, the website… everything. Thank you for all your hard work to make this happen.

I rode twenty organized rides last year including six doubles and the Death Ride, and I think this was my favorite, the first one I circled on my calendar for this year. I took ½ hour off my time from last year and am inordinately proud of myself, this will be the ride I do every year to measure my progress… "
Ole Eichhorn, 2009

"Thanks for organizing another amazing BA! It just gets better every year :-) This ride is a "must do" for me and my riding buddies; it's been five years now and it just gets better every time. It was great to see you in San Diego county a few weeks ago practising on Palomar mountain; we use that ride as our main training climb for BA, it works!

You and your whole team should be very proud of the BEST climbing century in SoCal; you all ROCK!!"
Andy Green, 2009

"This was my first year doing Breathless Agony and I want to commend you all for putting on a FANTASTIC ride!!! It makes all other centuries I have done (many) pale in comparison. It was a difficult ride, but the support & volunteers were AMAZING, the weather was PERFECT and the spirit all around was just SO POSITIVE!!! That last climb up to Onyx Summit definitely makes one "dig deep" but the party at the top was well worth it!!! Kudos to all of you, and you can definitely count on us coming back for more next year!!! WAY TO GO!!!"
Sherry Boston Rennard, 2009

"Yesterday, I completed stage two of the King of the Mountains Century Challenge: Breathless Agony. First, let me say that this event was amazingly well run. HUGE thanks to Santiago Cycling for doing such a kick ass job. I can’t stress this enough. The event staff were enthusiastic and encouraging from start to finish. SAGs were well staffed and well stocked. Perhaps overstocked (but that’s not a bad thing!); at each rest stop, before I could even get off my bike, I had event staff greeting me, offering words of encouragement and offering to fill my bottles for me. World class service.

Overall, awesome event and an awesome ride. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year"
Derek Swingley, 2009

"Huge kudos to you and all of the volunteers for putting together a fantastic ride. This was my first time riding the B.A. and I was very impressed. The only downer for me was getting cramps at the 50 mile mark and having to struggle to the top. But, hey that gives me something to improve upon. Thank you again and I look forward to doing this next year."
Marc Mootchnik, 2009

"The support was superb. I am always amazed at how many people so generously give up being with their family, friends, and pets to spend the day helping us perfect strangers try to reach our goals and dreams . It is one of the kindest gestures one can give. Please pass along my thanks to each and every one of the volunteers that made this ride possible."
Mark Pavelka, 2009

"Thank you for your time and your efforts in all these matters. And thank you for your part in creating what is a truely spectacular event in the arena of personal accomplishment."
John Cooper, 2009

"Robert, thanks for the note and I appreciate all of your support. I wish that I could have made more of your classes this fall and spring - they are a big help in my conditioning. Thanks for the work you did on my bike last week - correcting my fitting, the new gear and tune up, made all the difference in the world. I know that it was a busy week for you, but you made time to get my bike ready for B.A., and that really made a difference in my ride.

By the way - great SAG support. The four stops were GREAT (and of course the lunch in the park). I have been in a few Centuries in the past year - a couple Solvang's, Palm Springs, Amtrak, and a couple smaller rides. Your stops, complete with sandwiches, fruit, Cliff, Gu, Gatorade, snacks were incredible. However, the single biggest difference were your volunteers! There were plenty of volunteers - all of them were friendly, passionate, caring and encouraging - they really wanted to be there and to help make our ride the best it could be.

Thanks for making B.A. such a great experience."
Dave Hirz, 2009

"I find your efforts for putting on such a wonderful event inspirational in seeing what dedicated people, willing to work hard, can accomplish for the good of others. The venue that you make available to ordinary folks like myself, is nothing short of wonderful, Chuck. I now have an incredible gauge for which to strive to achieve from a personal fitness level that I had no concept was attainable. The guys and gals that finished with the incredible times posted ahead of my efforts prove, beyond any doubt to me, that I have so much more fitness possibilities and an absolutely HUGE and steep learning curve ahead of me. That, Chuck, is truly inspirational to me and only now known to me as a result of your efforts. I’m struggling for the proper words but please accept a very heartfelt “THANK YOU!!” knowing that your efforts are appreciated so much more than mere words can describe."
Erik Messley, 2009

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I was with "The Agony" this last weekend. EVERYTHING was so well organized. The volunteers were abundant and all so nice. Checkout went smoothly, the stops were organized with good food and again very friendly volunteers. Those cowbells were a beautiful sound as you approached the stops. Support vehicles with water along the way were GREAT!!!!! Medals and water glasses were a nice touch. Jersey is beautiful and food at the end was very appreciated. All and all you and your staff did a fantastic job. Ride was still grinding and challenging do not think otherwise.

Thank you for a great experience,"
Richard Cota, 2009

"You guys did a great job again this year (this was my third Breathless). This is by far the best supported century. It's great to be able to get water or other assistance between the rest stops. Thanks to all the volunteers and thanks for delivering on the weather."
Robert Hamilton, 2009

"Great ride (second time). Your volunteers are the best in the business. "
Vance Macdonald, 2009

"You guys ran an unbelievable event. First class all the way. I found the sag stops extremely well organized and the volunteers were terrific. It makes the suffering a little more endurable…

And the after ride burrito’s were great. You let both Sam and me in after the sign up window was closed and we really thank you for that."
Chris Caparon, 2009

"I and my fellow Goodrich Cyclepaths would like to thank you for the great job you guys did on this years Breathless. This is the 3rd time some of us have done this ride and I have to tell you, YOU GUYS OUTDID YOURSELVES ON THIS ONE!! The volunteers were totally awesome, a friendlier and more helpful bunch I have yet to see. I don’t know what you guys did to make the weather cooperate but I’m guessing some pretty serious Mojo was at work. The rest stops were well stocked and my only regret was that I didn’t take the time to more fully enjoy the offerings as others in my group were in a hurry to get to Onyx. The Red Diamond rattlesnake you planted alongside Damnation Alley was an interesting touch and sure got my adrenaline flowing when it rattled at us. Anyway once again great job and please let all the volunteers know that they were greatly appreciated, especially the guy driving the big Dodge diesel who stopped to give us encouragement at the 8000’ foot level.

Dale Webster
President – Goodrich Cyclepaths Bicycle Club"
Dale Webster, 2009

"As a ride participant, I wanted to express my thanks to you and all the support persons on these ride. What a friendly group of people, excellent food, and hydrated drinks for us. Very nice seeing you up there."
Felix Villalobos, 2009

"Thank you for the excellent support you gave for this year's Breathless Agony. It seems that every year, your system is getting better and better. I like the new change that you guys took my bike from me at the summit and not worry about it. It also gave us more room to lay down our tired bodies! Thank you and more power to you and all the volunteers!

4th time BA Rider"
Christina Ricafort, 2009

"Thanks for putting together another great event. The support and SAG were even better than last year. All the rest stops had plenty of supplies to keep us energized and the volunteers kept us motivated. This year we had at least 9 people from my club (Pasadena Triathlon Club) joined in the fun, and we all finished and had a great time. I like to give you guys a big THANK YOU and please thank all the volunteers and the Grim Reaper! Everyone wanted a picture with the Grim Reaper and he was so nice and accommodating. We really appreciate everything.

BTW, the only disappointment was that before the ride I kept looking on the website to see if Chuck has any videos for the 2009 worker's ride, but didn't find any. It was very motivational to see him cranking up in the heat last year! :-)

THANKS again!"
Hank Lin, 2009

"What can I say? That beer glass is the best thing since bread was first sliced and Al Gore invented the Internet. I'm not sure how you can top that next year, other than perhaps providing Breathless Agony Summit Ale for those riders that get their glass unbroken to Onyx Summit??"
Andy Rutherford, 2009

"Thanks for an awesome day.. The challenge absolutely lived up to the hype.. Great weather and terrific support made for an outstanding day.

I like the Jersey and loved the ride and would like to be able to continue to live through it until next year ...

All my best and thanks for all your work,"
Kevin Connors, 2009

"Thanks for putting on a great ride. I rode the Breathless Agony for the first time last year and after the ride called some friends in Utah and told them they need to come down for this ride. Two of three made it and due to your dedicated volunteer's help we had a great ride and made it to Onyx Summit with about 30 minutes to spare.

My out of state friends had arranged to meet a little prior to 6AM since we needed the early start to finish prior to the cut off. As I proceeded to go over to registration, my rear wheel spoke broke resulting in my wheel not even moving. I proceeded to registration and was told to talk to your dedicated volunteer guy in shorts. I proceeded to explain to him my issue and I had already thought I was going to be heading to a bike shop around 9AM and meeting up with my friends at checkpoint 2. Your dedicated volunteer took my plight as a challenge and we headed over to his vehicle to see what he could do. He went right to work on the task. The first obstacle was the spoke was on the cassette side, but he had his McGyver box and pulled out everything he needed to get the task done. Every challenge my wheel or tire presented he took on and he was not going to be stopped. He put my wheel together and had Robert finish the final task of truing the wheel. We were able to get on the road around 7AM.

During the ride I would run into your dedicated volunteer who helped me and he would ask about the wheel and each time I'd see him I'd tell him its holding up great. Your dedicated volunteer saved my day since I had been planning to do this ride since last year with my friends and he made what I thought was going to be a bad day into a great day. Its people like your dedicated volunteer and all the support people that make these rides. Keep up the great work and I'll see you next year."
Ian Tervet, 2009

"This is just a note to thank you and all the volunteers and staff for a great and fun ride yesterday.

This was my first time doing this ride. I only did the 2 pass option. That was enough for this 65 year old! I am more of a mountain biker than a roadie and really missed my low gears. My 39x27 was quite a challenge. I have never been in this area before (except on the freeways) and was amazed and delighted by the awesome scenery and wide open spaces. The rest stops and lunch were very well organized with plenty of food. I am glad my roadie friend talked me into doing this."
Doris Matyasovich, 2009

"Yesterday's Breathless Agony ride was truly one of the hardest, brutal rides I've done-right up there with The Death Ride, for sure!!!! I just want to thank you, all of your volunteers, SAG folks and the Grim Reaper for being out on the course yesterday. The SAG guys were up and down all day yesterday keeping an eye out on all of the riders, making sure we had plenty of water and encouragement. I couldn't have finished without all of the encouragement they and the other volunteers provided. This was really one of the very best organized and supported rides I've done. Thanx for all the hard work you put in for all of us!! It was a beautiful ride.

I have one more KOM (Queen) ride to go....

P.S. I want people to know what an incredible job you all did. I did that ride by myself, so I really meant it when I said that the volunteers were a key part to my finishing the ride!!"
Fern Kissel, 2009

"I just wanted to thank both of you for hosting such a wonderful event yesterday. The rest stops, the workers and of course the race was so well done. From a rider's stand point, I wouldn't change a thing.

Robert, I owe you a debt of gratitude for making it posible for me to complete yesterday's ride and your training classes and guidance enabled me to get that medal.

Chuck, Your great emails and rides throughout the year inspires all of us that there is so much that we can do in cycling.

Both of you give us riders many good reasons to achieve personal success on our bikes.

Thanks again,"
Don Ropele, 2009

"I wanted to thank you for such an awesome event yesterday. The word to describe that ride is epic. The staff was so friendly and wonderful, the support, food and atmosphere were great.

You were able to get me in this ride from the waiting list as I am trying to earn my KOM this year. Thanks for making that happen. 2 down, 1 to go!

Thanks again for a great day."
Lea Newton, 2009

"First I wanted to say thank you very much to you and your team for hosting the event this year. This was my first Breathless Agony. You did a wonderful job organizing it and I had a great time. I came all the way from Kansas City for the ride and I'm definitely planning on coming back in 2008.

I wanted to let you know I have finished the post processing of a time lapse movie I made with a high definition video camera that was on my bike during the ride. I put it up on You Tube to share with everyone. You can find details and a link to the video at:

I would be delighted if you would care to share it with everyone in your next group email update.

I know I would not have been able to finish without the wonderful support at all the rest stops. I know how much goes into putting an event like this together and you did a awesome job, Thanks again. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to thank you in person at the event. "
Craig Sparks, 2007

"I'm still on cloud nine!! Gosh, I don't know why I was dragging my feet on signing up for the Breathless Agony. Maybe it's the "agony" part. ;-) On the other hand, I can hardly wait to do it again next year! This is an awesome ride!!

I do appreciate the compliments. You are too kind!

Thanks for putting on a GREAT ride and for the chance for me to register. "
Colleen Montoya, 2007

"Yeah, it was agonizing and I advertised it as such to cohorts who may be there next year. What a great event! That last 2-3 miles was hell, esp with the altitude and cold. I'm a white knuckler on downhills (I'm a triathlete, what can I say), so probably smoked my pads all the way back to the park, but the uphill was the hardest ride I've ever done, including the 112 in the Ironman.

Thanks again for putting on a great ride. "
Mark Matyazic, 2007

"Overall another great year. Great food and friendly service. I have no complaints. I even enjoyed the weather too. "
Bo King, 2007

"Thanks for putting on an excellent event. Kudos to the entire support crew! "
Eddie Huang, 2007

"The individual who rode BA with the power of only one leg is Jerry Hubner. He came down with polio at the age of five, which left him with little strength in his left leg. He wears a carbon fiber brace to support the leg when he is riding. I met Jerry four years ago in spin class and have never met anyone as passionate about cycling. His father owned a bike shop, so he grew up around bikes and has been riding and working on them since he was a kid. He has a garage full of bikes which include a fixed gear for when he does time trials and a custom made daVinci tandem. Whenever I have a question about my bike or need something fixed, he is the first person I call. The smiles on our faces are not only for our own accomplishment but for his as well. It was the first time riding BA for all of us and it was a great day. The weather was prefect and the support was fantastic. I am sure Jerry will be out there with you again next year and once I recover, I may consider it as well. "
Jane Buttrey, 2007

"Got in this year on the wait list, THANKS. The whole ride / experience was incredible, THANKS. Jack Rabbit was a gas. The weather was beautiful, you did a great job on that, THANKS. The party up top was awesome, THANKS.

Thanks again. What a Good Time. Hope to see you next year. "
Mark Neumann, 2007

"I did every mile of the ride and it was fantastic. I went into this ride with a 3rd place in the King of the Mountains Challenge. I got a late start which was compounded when my chain busted at the bottom of Redlands Blvd with no tools. I was at the mercy of the mountains. Fortune smiled on me when a fellow named Daniel stopped to help. He didnt have a chain tool but he did have a bottle opener presumably for beers after long rides... well he pried my busted link open and I pounded the link back together with two rocks and rolled on up the hill... At any point, I could have quit but didn't. Thanx for allowing me to find out who I really am. Thanx for letting me meet the grim reaper. See you next year at the top and the bottom. "
David Morse, 2007

"This was an awesome ride! Most of the course had very little traffic, fantastic vistas, and of course, epic climbs. And epic climbs usually mean great descents, which the "agony" ride has plenty of. The volunteers at the checkpoints were all outstanding and SAG support was always nearby!

Now I know why the stretch along Highway 38 is called "Damnation Alley". Thanks again for a great day. "
Randy Profeta, 2007

"Once off the summit the temps warmed up and it was a glorious downhill ride on a beautiful day. Why would I give that away? I wear my jersey (in every color available in size medium) with pride and look in the mirror with confidence. Thanks SO MUCH for sponsoring such a wonderful ride. I LOVED it and I'll be back.

P.S. This is by far my most favorite ride of all the rides I've done to date. By FAR!! "
Barbie Lucas, 2007

"Thanks for all the fabulous volunteers on the Breathless Agony on Saturday! I was so cold all day - even going up the mountain - that I especially appreciated the guys at the top who outfitted me with a custom-fitted garbage bag for the way down!

Thanks! "
Becky Berka, 2007

"Great event! Great food! Great support! My second year in a row to the summit.

After last year's ride I told several of my friends how challenging and fun the ride was. Four of them were able to sign up this year. One friend dropped out before the event due to an illness in the family, the other three rode successfully to the top.

Save a space for me in 2008! "
Sean Dougherty, 2007

"You guys put on an absolutely great ride. It was the toughest ride I've ever participated in & completed (all 114 miles). I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your support throughout the ride was fantastic to say the least. I especially liked the volunteers at the sag stops who were genuinely happy & supportive to see me through each rest stop. It might have taken me longer than most, but I did not want to miss the experience of riding every mile of this event. I did not buy a jersey, but I see the grim reaper smiling at me when I look in the mirror.

Thanks again. "
Jerry Hubner, 2007

"I just wanted to write you and thank you and all the Breathless Agony Staff for putting on a fantastic event. This was the first time for me and my friend. We were both amazed by the support we received from the moment we registered until the time we said goodbye eleven hours later in Sylvan Park. The thing that I was constantly amazed by is the fabulous support the support staff provided at every rest stop. And when I finished (with a less than astounding time) they made me feel like I had won a gold medal! Words really don't begin to convey what a great feeling I have from this ride and all the people associated with it. I think I probably owe the biggest thanks to you Chuck, I can only begin to imagine the hard work you put into this event. Thank you very much. I look forward to next year. "
Kurt Collins, 2007

"I’m happy to say that I did complete the whole 114 miles, actually 112.3 according to my computer. You guys did a great job as usual but you still haven’t flattened out the last nine miles to the top of Oynx Summit. I hope you have this rectified by the time I do this ride again. If possible try and reduce the gradient to a manageable 5%.

Thank you,

Dale Webster
President – Goodrich Cyclepaths.

P.S. The plastic trash bag was appreciated for the downhill."

Checkout Dale Webster's 2007 Breathless Agony Story with his Goodrich Cyclepaths Cycle Club
Dale Webster, 2007

"Thanks, It was great, what an awesome ride.. Look forward to it next year, thanks, "
Mike Abel, 2007

"Thank you for a fantastic day of riding. The weather was great and so was all the support. See you next year! "
John Erwin, 2007

"I know that I put a lot of work into earning my BA jersey.

Great ride, top notch in every way. I can't wait till next year. I hope to bring an even larger group from Inland Inferno next year. All the best, "
Gary McMurtrey, 2007

"Had a great time killing myself on that blasted ride. A lot of fun!

... I firmly believe that downhills have to be earned.

Thanks for putting on a great event. Perhaps I can do it again next year and maybe on a real climber's bike instead of my triathlon bike. "
Steve Sponagle, 2007

"Thank you for the awsome ride and great support, see you next year for more agony."
Mario Ramirez, 2007

"I would like to start off first by letting you know that I very much appreciated the fact that you went to the trouble to find me a spot in this event even though I was late with my registration. The ride was great. The support was fantastic. What a challenge. I actually found this ride to be somewhat more difficult than the Mulholland Challenge. The climbs were relentless. It was actually difficult to the end with the last 14 or so miles with a ridiculous headwind. Having said all that I did notice what you mentioned in the email about participants having arranged pickups on the return route. I did find this to be wrong and you are absolutely right about to be upset about it. You made it very clear in your ride description that arranged pickups were not allowed. I did purchase a jersey and I am quite proud of the fact that I indeed finished the 114 miles.

I look forward to next years event. I just have not decided whether I will wear the Breathless Agony or the King of the Mountain Jersey. Time will tell.

Once again, thank you. "
Luis Margheritis, 2007

"Thank you Chuck and I'm proud to wear my jersey and can't wait for next year. I want to thank all the volunteers for their great work too.

Take care everyone and safe riding! "
John Burnett, 2007

"Thanks for a fantastic ride. It was all I expected and much more. Cheers to your volunteers and I can not wait for next year. I DID finish the entire 114 mile ride and picked up my awesome jersey.

With much appreciation. "
Andrew Resnick, 2007

"Thank you for putting on a great ride, Chuck! The support was peerless. The volunteers at the rest stops were great and every time I looked around I would see a SAG car. I felt like he was my guardian angel ensuring that I made it up that mountain. I even saw him at Angeles Oaks when I was riding down the mountain. And as you know, it was a HUGE win for me to ride all 4 passes! Another thing that was amazing was as I was about 5 miles from the summit and riders were riding down the hill, they would yell encouragement to me and say things like, you're almost there .... keep going, you can do it .... you're 2 miles from the summit, etc. As I was approaching the final right turn to the final hill, one rider told me that that was the final turn & I would see the top. Chuck, I can't tell you how helpful and encouraging it was to be on the receiving end of those cheers. Fantastic! This year, my goal was to finish the ride and I'm thrilled that I did it! Now I'm looking forward to riding the Breathless Agony next year & improving on my time. Thanks again for a fantastic ride! "
Christy Bonnett, 2007

"Thank you for getting me at the last minute, so that I could complete the King of the Mountain Challenge. My time should be around 6:40 which is slower than last year's but I've just started training again due to back problems, and so was very happy with my time. I was likewise disappointed to hear about the shuttlers. Coming down Onyx, I actually had to stop FIVE times due the bike shaking so bad, but the clock had already stopped so what was the hurry. I waited a few minutes, warmed up and then continued on. One of the best parts of the ride for me, was flying down from Angelus Oaks and catching a group that swelled to about 12 and then hammering all the way back to the park together in paceline. It was pretty cool. Too bad some decided to miss out on it.

By the way, the bacon at the Angelus Oaks stop was awesome! Someone offered it to me and I thought they were kidding...they were not. It seemed like a really bad idea, but it was actually tasty and I was able to finish the climb pretty strong. Go Bacon! "
Andrew Markham, 2007

"Breathless Agony is a difficult (!!!) ride, but it is a great experience that I truly enjoyed for the first time on Saturday.

To you and the rest of the folks that worked so hard to give us this opportunity, I wanted to say thank you again. "
David Sunday, 2007

"You and your staff ran a very well organized event. Nice friendly volunteers at every rest stop handing out advice and encouragement. I will be back next year to ride the whole course again! "
George Sherman, 2007

"It was an awesome ride and you had great staff to cheer us on. I live in Redlands and I have never done the whole ride; it was awesome! "
Chad Rader, 2007

"This was my 1st Breathless Agony. I am a 3 time Ironman finisher and was probably just as excited if not more about riding the course Saturday.

My knees actually hurt more than in any Ironman I have ever completed. Those last 8 miles are brutal. Great time though.

I have always wanted to ride those hills up to BB. My wife has just not wanted to ride SAG. Thanks so much to you and your crew for putting this together.

Will be back for next year for sure. "
Quinton Berry, 2007

"Thanks for putting on a great event. Rest stops were well run & lots of water!!!

Many thanks. And a big thanks to all the volunteers! "
Mike Kirk, 2007

"Great ride, well organized and great volunteers, I tried to remember to thank everyone. I felt much better than the first time I rode it! "
Steve Pohle, 2007

"Great ride guys! Everything was flawless. The food, the organization, the volunteers, and all the friendly riders... just a fantastic event. I'll be back for more next year. "
Vance Macdonald, 2007

"I rode the 2004 Breathless Agony and promised to return the next year – you had that testimonial on your site. A few months later I was diagnosed with acute osteoarthritis in both hips and told I would need both hips replaced before too long.

Last year on July 11th as I lay in pre-op for a double hip replacement I told my girlfriend my goal was to ride Breathless the next May. My dream came true last week and I think I broke the six hour barrier as well. That was my other goal…..

It was a very emotional day to first see another rider with a prosthetic leg and then cross that line at Onyx Summit. I had a great time with friends doing a great ride. It was not quite the same as my old Category 2 days but it wasn’t bad….

Thank you very much, "
Marshall Perkins, 2007

"This was my 2nd year doing B.A. And it is BY FAR…the best run bike tour I have ever participated in…FIRST CLASS AND WORTH EVER PENNY…. You guys are great… "
Larry Davidson, 2007

"I just want to say thank you for another successful breathless agony ride! Every year you make a great ride even better!

One of the best things that i noticed.... was the roving porta potties! Taking them from checkpoint to checkpoint prior to driving them up to onyx was a wonderful idea/plan!!!! I remember last year the looooooong lines at checkpoints one and two... and contemplated scoping out alternate facilities.... i didn't have to! So whether it was an accident or pre-planned... it made for VERY smooth facilities at the stops! Please do this again next year!!!!!

So anyways.... i just wanted to give you all another big attaboy! The volunteers at all the stops were great!

See you next year!!!!!!!!!!! "
Linda Elliott, 2007

"Wow . . . fun, fun, fun. Thanks for organizing such a great event. Everything was terrific. Fun group, excellent ride and a seriously good time.

I met your friend Alan too, who was a blast. Anyone who looks that happy for 114 miles deserves some special reward. Alan was very nice and supportive to me - a newbie on this type of ride.

Just wanted to say thanks!! "
Michelle West, 2007

"Thank you and all of the volunteers for a memorable ride. I completed rides like Paris-Brest-Paris 20 years ago! This was one of the hardest single day rides that I have ridden. It was made easier by all of the support along the way. "
Michael Burg, 2007

"I just wanted to write you both to thank you for a fantastic "Breathless Agony" (can you call agony fantastic?). It was a fun day with great weather and a good ride mixed in. I know you both (and probably countless others) spent a lot of time preparing for and hosting the race. Everything thing seemed to go very smoothly. I appreciate all of your hard work. Also, please send my thanks to all the others who helped out on race day. The race was made all the better by friendly smiling faces greeting you with food and drink. I never thought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could taste that good :)"
Clarence Turner, 2007

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great ride. The course was challenging, the rest stops well-stocked, the volunteers extremely helpful and pleasant, check-in was painless. I thoroughly enjoyed my day of beautiful views, good climbs and engaging camaraderie."
Roger Wolfe, 2007

"Thanks for a really great riding experience today on the Breathless Agony. It was my first year riding it and I was overwhelmed by how difficult it was. I even got a little choked up when I finally saw the end in sight. "
Mary Gaastra, 2007

"Kudos to all the volunteers who served as breaths of fresh air during Breathless Agony. Great event!"
David Barnes, 2007

"First I will just say thank you for organizing the ride today! Everything was perfect, good food at the reststops and at the finish in the park, nice people serving us and even blankets at the final top. This was my was first time doing the ride and enjoyed it a lot."
Tone Olafsson, 2007

"Thanks so much for putting on this event. What a great and exciting challenge (cold/foggy weather aside!), with wonderful support! Probably the best support I have ever experienced in any event I have participated in (mountain, road, running, etc). It was a great feeling to get to the top and have people cheering to the very end. Gotta love the Grim Reaper, too! THANK YOU! See you next year!"
Christie Pleiss, 2005

"I loved this ride! thanx for putting it on!!!!"
Linda Elliott, 2005

"Looks like I'll be dumping the "speedplay" pedals next year - that pond crossing was my undoing.

Great ride!"
Steven Herzog, 2005

"This is the most challenging ride that I have ever done since recovering from cancer. I am blessed and thankful to have finished in 5:32.

I loved the U2 music - they are my favorite band."
Steve Catena, 2005

"The greatest testimonial I could give you is that 2004 was my second "Breathless Agony" following my first "Breathless Agony" in 2003.

When there are so many great cycling events to experience, to repeat one is high praise.

The ride Saturday was my best day on a bicycle.

I have completed 9 Ironman triathlons on 6 continents in the last 4 years. Your ride is one of the best training rides ever..... great for strength and stamina building.

It also was nice that the weather was magnificent and the support crew was efficient, friendly and helpful.

"Long live the Breathless Agony!"
Dan Powell, 2004

"Thanks for such a great ride! Everything went really well. I'm looking forward to next year!"
Wayne Caldwell, 2004

"This was my first shot at Breathless Agony. What a challenge!! :-)

Onyx Summit was the toughest 75 miles of my career. To me, it was tougher than the first 75 miles of Devil Mountain (my only comparable ride). I'm a hot weather rider. It was the 90 Degrees at the Ranger Station that got me up to Angelus Oaks. After Angelus Oaks, I was on auto-pilot to Onyx. What a RUSH!!!
Frank Neal, 2004
Editors Note: Frank has ridden over 44 Double Centuries, 5 Triple Centuries and
Paris-Brest-Paris, 1999 among many other accomplishments!!
The Devil Mountain Double has nearly 20,000 Feet of Climbing in 200 Miles!!

"Chuck, You, Robert & Jill and all of the volunteers made Saturdays ride truly outstanding! Thanks for the hard work and the encouragement by everyone along the way, especially to the woman at Onyx Summit that filled my coke glass and helped me open a cherry pie. I could hardly stand up at the time!!"
Jeff Druck, 2004

"Wow! If I had thought of how intense this really was I don't know if would have done it! Over-all, I found I had enough to complete the ride with energy to spare, but I had never cramped before. Now I know the importance of electrolyte tablets. ...
I just want to thank you all for putting all your time, and contact time into this event. I hope to ride it again, mainly because of the hospitality and concern you all showed. The ride is the thing, but people make it worth while!"
Henry De Groot, 2004

"I completed all four passes of the BA last Saturday, and am writing to thank you for a very nice experience. I really underestimated the difficulty of the ride, but I managed to finish before the cutoff time.

I especially appreciate the quantity and quality of support provided. I did the ride in 2000, and the improvement I saw is remarkable. Please pass on my appreciation for all the work that everyone did. Now that the torturous memories of Damnation Alley are fading into the background, I'm looking forward to next year.

Here's my bullet list of things that really increased the quality level (in no particular order):
- the enthusiasm and service level of all the volunteers involved. Really top-notch!
- manning the turn at Jack Rabbit Trail. I missed this turn (along with other people) in 2000, which put me behind, and out of it mentally.
- the Rice Crispy treats. Great ride food.
- the nice, clean porta-potties on the trailer. Very good idea.
- the variety of drinks, including name-brand sodas. Plain water & Gatorade get tiresome; it's nice to have a Coke after Oak Glen.
- the post-ride food. Surprising quantity and quality (although I know to get there earlier next year.)

I only have one nit-pick thing I would suggest changing, and that is the font size on the route slip. No big deal, it'd just be easier to read.

Again, thanks for all the effort everyone put in - you succeeded in creating a memorable event for everyone who participated."
Crisstopher Michael, 2004

"This was my 2nd year doing this ride and I'll probably will be back next year. You guys did a great job with the support. My only suggestion would be have some veggie burgers available at the lunch stop for us for don't eat meat. Other then that is was a great ride."
Gil Hebert, 2004

"Great ride and a good event if someone is planning on trying the Markleeville Death Ride."
David Roth, 2004

"I thought the ride this year was the best I've seen it. The organization was smooth, the rest stops were very good and well staffed, and overall everyone (especially the Reaper) did a magnificent job! Can't wait for next year!"
Bill Wolfson, 2004

"It's late Sunday. I'm tired. Thought I'd answer the questions now that I have graduated from the 'School for the Self-Abusive'.

How Steep Is This Road?
There are some questions one just does not ask. 'How high is up?' 'If a tree falls in the woods and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?' Some things just cannot be explained. They must be experienced.

Where are the Steepest Parts?

Are there any places where I can really recover?
Yes (in the Jacuzzi upon returning home)

Where are the hottest parts of the course?

Where in the course is most of climbing?

During my training, what kinds of gradients do I need to climb to simulate those on the Breathless Agony?
Nothing in South Orange County comes close. Only thing I can think of is Newport Coast repeats. At least I focused on that the last 4 weeks.

Where is Damnation Alley? Does it really go on forever?
There are some things that one would just prefer to forget (until next year). and 'Yes'.

Thanks for a great day. It was a very well organized event with a lot of the ‘little stuff’ covered. Things like easy registration, well stocked rest stops, properly located rest stops, people taking pictures, some guy dressed like the grim reaper on a very hot day (Thanks Chuck), a recognition award as we reached the summit, and a nice lunch at the end of the day to both allow fro some socializing and replacing all the sugar consumed during the day with some protein...

Anyway, please pass this on to Robert, Jill and all the terrific volunteers. Your volunteers at registration, the rest stops, and unfortunately the ones I met in the gold SAG van as I was cramping at mile 73 just 3/4 a mile from the summit, were all extremely helpful and supportive from start to finish.

Thanks again to all involved for a great event. Truly the toughest, but the one so far for which I've felt the most accomplishment. The Breathless Agony Award magnet is proudly positioned on the dash of my Subaru."
Brian Wolf, 2004

"I just wanted to say thank you so much to you all that put on a great event. All the people that I came in contact with were just awesome. The event was everything you said it would be. I finished well within the required times and I was so excited. My wife asked if I would do it again and I said without a doubt. I am looking forward to receive my new jersey when it arrives. I want to start wearing here in Phoenix and hopefully next year I will bring a bus load of riders.

Again, I had a great time at Breathless of Agony!"
Rich Brown, 2004

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how wonderfully organized this ride was. All your volunteers were great and the course was truly a challenge. I made it to pass 3, next year will have to try for Pass 4 - something to shoot for! The party at Sylvan was a wonderful way to finish the day. The food was great and I had a great time sharing stories with all the other riders. Also, all the people I met from Santiago Cycling Club were so friendly. I look forward to seeing many of them at the Ride around the Bear next month.

Thanks again Chuck for all of your hard work in organizing this event! I'll be back next year."
Laura Nomura, 2004

"Thanks for a fantastic ride and the perfect weather! It gets better every year ...

I always count on the Breathless to scare me into shape every Spring and it’s always epic for different reasons every year."
Randy German, 2004

"Thanks for a great ride!! I look forward to doing it again next year (kinda). I wanted to add that I thought your aid stops were perfect. Great food and drink. The Mountain Dew really hit the spot for me. Dr Pepper would have been the only thing that could have made my eyes light up more than that green can (other than seeing the final crest of the mountains!). The stops were perfectly spaced and I wouldn't want to do the ride without them. Thanks so much to those who manned them and provided us the food and drink."
Mark Barnett, 2004

"Thanks for a great event. Support was great and the route was Tour de France stage quality. The descent was a blast following the summit. I will be back next year and more aware of all the turns early on (won’t miss any of them)."
Marshall Perkins, 2004

"Just wanted to thank you and all the volunteers for all the hard work you put into today's ride. I made it to the top and had a good (maybe a little agonizing) time doing so. Probably the most enjoyable century I've done. Thanks to all and especially you for making it so.

Hope to see you next year."
Roger Haferkamp, 2004

"Great day! Wonderful support and, I believe, the friendliest people I have ever done a ride with. Everyone was nice, supportive, just terrific. It is a HARD ride. That last couple of miles were brutal, but the end was worth it. Thanks for everything. I am doing the PAC Tour Ridge of the Rockies this year and can do it knowing I have all ready done the hard training. See you next year."
Rick Hays, 2004

"Breathless Agony was the best ride I have done in the last five years. I was especially glad to be able to do the ride since I had some surgery on December 30th and I am still regaining strength and energy. I would like to take this opportunity to give credit to Robert Kahler. Without the Speed and Power Clinic I doubt that I would have recovered enough strength in this short time to complete such a demanding ride. The weather was perfect, the rest stops were well stocked and the volunteers were great. My coca-cola at Onyx summit was the best coke I have ever had."
Meredith Peake, 2004

"This was my first Breathless Agony ride, and I have to tell you it was likely one of the most physically demanding things I have ever done. As I drove home afterwards I was thinking that I would likely not do it again next year. Now that I have had a chance to heal a bit, I am actually entertaining the idea of returning next year.

The support personal were outstanding! I believe of just about every one of my between Rest Stop breaks, I had someone from the support group stop and ask if I needed anything. I have ridden in quite a few Century rides, and I have to say that your team impressed me, by far, the most. Thank you very much."
Eric Malindzak, 2004

"I really enjoyed the ride on Saturday. The weather was great, the scenery was beautiful, the volunteers were great, and the ride was as challenging as promised. I especially enjoyed seeing the Grim reaper out on the course. Humor and silliness are great at lifting the spirit during a long, tough ride. It warmed my heart to hear the Grim Reaper playing Allman Brothers.

Thanks for the extra water at the Forest Falls turn, I needed it! ...

Thanks so much for a terrific ride! All the energy that you and the other volunteers put into it made it a great experience for us riders."
Kerin Huber, 2004

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