2002 Redlands Bicycle Classic

These photos were taken from the 2002 Redlands Bicycle Classic on the Oak Glen Climb on March 15, 2002 by Chuck Bramwell with his Olympus C-2020 Z Digital Camera.

This is the same location where photos have been taken of riders on the Breathless Agony Ride in 2000 and 2001. An insider's report from 1999 including a photo of a rider followed by a Grim Reaper can be found HERE.

The pros on the Redlands Bicycle Classic race up to the top of Oak Glen where the Finish Line is for them for the day. No such luck for the Breathless Agony riders: after this brutally steep Oak Glen climb, there is the little matter of climbing another 7,000 Feet up to Onyx Summit!!

The Oak Glen climb gains 1,690 Feet in 4.8 Miles for an Average Grade of 6.7%!! There are some pieces that are over 11.4% which even left the Pros out of Breath!!

Roland Green and Chris Horner looking good here
Roland Green and Chris Horner on their way to a First Place and Second Place Finish
made this Oak Glen climb look easy!!
Photo by Chuck Bramwell

Tom Boonen of U.S. Postal Service
Just a few weeks after this photo was taken, Tom Boonen of the U.S. Postal Team
won 3rd Place in the 2002 Paris-Roubaix!!
Photo by Chuck Bramwell

Steffen Kjaergaard of U.S. Postal Service
Steffen Kjaergaard of U.S. Postal Service leads a pack up the STEEP Oak Glen Climb
Photo by Chuck Bramwell
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