Team Time Trial 3/26/00

Team Time Trial Route Profile

Team President Ed Camerena announced the first in a series of time trials was to be held, Sunday, March 26, 2000.

Course Description: 7.5 miles through Santiago Canyon from the Jamboree side, west to east. The start line location is at the top of "Dump Hill" just east of the intersection of the Santiago Canyon Road and overpass to the 241 Toll Road. Course starts with a long down hill followed by rollies and flat terrain. The course is challenging but no difficult climbs. The finish line is just past the Modjeska Road intersection with Santiago Canyon Road.

United States Cycling Federation Rules are observed. The most important ones for time trials are as follows:
     You must wear an ANSI or SNELL approved helmet.
     You may use aero bars and disc wheels.
     There is No Drafting allowed in time trials.
     There will be a starter to start you.
     You must start at your assigned start time by the official clock.
     Your clock will start at your assigned time even if you show up late to the start line.
     Please do not ask for a new start time.

Ed wrote: "Time trials are among the most difficult of road races as they require a sustained high effort over the entirety of the race. No drafting, no backing off. While the course started of with a nice long downhill, it was not an easy course.

I would like to extend a special thank you to all the volunteers who made this event a success for all. At the start were: Wendy Reynolds on registration: John Burgess, starter; Doug Patterson, holder; and Bart Pembroke, ham radio communications. At the finish line were: John Scappatura, timer; Carmen Gray and Jamie Russel, recorders; Rhonda Myers, Ron Koons and Ti Revak, rider call out; and Heather Pembroke, ham radio communications."

Dump Hill Past President John Burgess is getting the team ready to roll here at the start on Dump Hill.

Check out those blue skies!!

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Get ready!! On your mark ... get set ... go!!

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Finish Line It's party time at the Finish Line in Modjeska.

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Place Name Time
1 Craig Pierce 20:05
2 (tie)
2 (tie)
Ken Isaak
Greg Knight
4 Mike Biehl 21:26
5 Mark Madach 21:40
6 Lee Tracy 21:47
7 Randy Grisham 22:45
8 Brian Mathews 23:24
9 Mike Kirk 23:32
10 Frank Keenan 23:36
11 Dennis Fassnacht 23:44
12 Livia Peraza 23:55
13 Greg Mill 23:56
14 T Man (Taylor Grant) 23:58
15 Lucille Rhodes 24:07
16 Ralph Scott 25:32
17 Debby Kelly 25:44
18 Charles Renes 26:38
19 Debbie Mathews 26:51
20 Cheri Scher 28:23
21 Lucia Tracy 31:15


1 Livia Peraza 23:55
2 Lucille Rhodes 24:07
3 Debby Kelly 25:44
4 Debbie Mathews 26:51
5 Cheri Scher 28:23
6 Lucia Tracy 31:15

MEN 30-39

1 Craig Pierce 20:05
2 Ken Isaak 20:54
3 Mike Biehl 21:26
4 Brian Mathews 23:24
5 Greg Mill 23:56
6 Charles Renes 26:38

MEN 40-49

1 Mark Madach 21:40
2 Lee Tracy 21:47
3 Randy Grisham 22:45

MEN 50-59

1 Greg Knight 20:54
2 Mike Kirk 23:32
3 Frank Keenan 23:36
4 Dennis Fassnacht 23:44
5 T Man 23:58
6 Ralph Scott 25:32

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